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Scooter Store Discounted 3 and 4 wheel Scooter's


Medical Equipment supplier specializing in 3 and 4 wheel scooters.Order your scooter
direct and save on overhead costs.We will ship scooter's anywhere.A scooter can be
used inside and outside, shopping,post office,doctor's office,ball games,meeting's,
visit family and friends,around the house,around the yard,vacations,even take your scooter
on the airplane with you.Call us today for more information, literature ,or to order.

victory3.gif (10612 bytes) A scooter can make your life so much better.. *Independence *Freedom
*Fun to ride
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Scooter's at bargain prices direct to you.You'll find the best scooter prices available anywhere.We have a large assortment of three and four wheel scooter's to choose from. We also carry other durable medical *Scooter's of all shapes and sizes.All scooters come with batteries and charger included.Ready to use ! uipment,call toll free for details.
Pride - Ortho Kinetics - Golden Technologies - Pacesaver - Bruno scooters
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